VOSUN V8x – Fighter


To V8x – Fighter είναι ένα unresponsive yo-yo, φτιαγμένο για 4Α παίξιμο. (Offstring)

Σε αυτό το play style ο παίκτης χρειάζεται ένα ή 2 yo-yos, τα οποία δεν είναι δεμένα στο κορδόνι.

Το Fighter είναι σχεδιασμένο για πολύ καλό έλεγχο και long combo tricks με πολύ μεγάλο spinnng time και εύκολα regenerations. Θα το απολαύσεις!


Since 4 years ago, we released the 1st offstring design V8. VOSUN enters the 4A series. Now comes the latest design Fighter.

We discussed with VOSUN teams, and in the WYYC, also met with some 4A talents to share the ideas. Yeah, we got so many improving suggestions.

In the 4A manufacturing process, we need to consider various tips, when knocking on the floor with high speed the fastener should be strong and tight. Hexagon would be the best choice.

As most current designs use a hexagon standard screw to lock the 2 sides. The POM body axle seat would not fit the extant standard parts suitably.

Why not CNC hexagon POM seat and metal screw synchronous?

YES, we did it!! After multiple tests, Fighter is coming to us.

VOSUN V8x – Fighter YoYo SPECS:

Diameter 77.0 mm Width 62.5 mm Gap Width 2.4 mm Weight 92g Bearing Size Size C flat Response Apad (19mm) Body Material POM (Delrin) Axle M4*10 mm steel alloy

Επιπρόσθετες Πληροφορίες


Red, Yellow



Vosun at yo-yo.gr VOSUN Yoyo is a leading high-end yoyo manufacturer. VOSUN series yoyo designed by talent yoyo players, with years of innovation, many top world yoyo champions throw their idea for pushing VOSUN design to a higher level.