One Drop YoYos Yelets


Τα Yelets της One Drop YoYos.

Undersized unresponsive yo-yo, πολύ βολικά στο χέρι και στην τσέπη και φυσικά με μεγάλο spinning.

Η συσκευασία περιλαμβάνει ένα string.

First released: February 2013

We set out to create a Side Effect yoyo that was pocket-friendly and budget-friendly without sacrificing performance. The result is the Yelets.

The Yelets blends the modern aspects of Side Effects with the classic attributes of affordability, performance, and simplicity continuing the tradition established by the Project, M1, and CafeRacer.

We want to take the lead in bringing back smaller yoyos and we felt that 52mm was the perfect diameter.

It is bigger than what is traditionally thought of as “undersized” (for example, the M1 is 50mm) to retain the performance of a big yoyo but small enough to give you confidence with chop sticks or tight tech tricks.

Once we had the specs perfect, we came up with a crazy idea for the name.

We decided to map the diameter and width to latitude and longitude by plugging the numbers into Google Maps to see where it would end up.

The result was a small city in Russia called Yelets.

Specifications Base Weight: 61.5 grams Shipping Weight: 64 grams (with aluminium Ultra Light Side Effects) Width/Longitude: 38.4997 mm Diameter/Latitude: 52.6147 mm Stock Response: One Drop Flow Groove Gap Width: 4.34 mm Bearing Size: Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing) Alloy: 6061 Aluminum Finish: Pyramatte ™ Axle System: Side Effects ™

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We design and build the world's finest yo-yos in our workshop in Eugene, Oregon, USA. That's right. In a world full of outsourcing, we are 100% committed our maker roots. It is no doubt the more challenging way to go and for sure a path less traveled. We have made nothing but yo-yos for the last 12 years and proudly released over 45 models. We are intimately connected with every step of building yo-yos and are ever refining our knowledge, skills and processes. Our workshop is specifically designed and tooled for the single purpose of making yo-yos. Every single yo-yo is hand assembled and hand tested. We combine a deep technical know-how with a Team of professional players who provide insight and guidance on the more subtle subjective side of how a yo-yo feels in play. We are craftsmen and yo-yoers who put our heart and soul into what we do. We appreciate being part of this amazing community and are thankful every day for the support. Owned and operated by Shawn Nelson and David Metz since 2001.