YoYoFactory Chaotic


Καινούργιο, με 1 κορδόνι 100% polyester.

YoYoFactory and 2009 World Champion Kentaro Kimura of the Turning Point Yo-Yo company. Based on the design of the very popular Lunatic yo-yo, Kentaro made several important tweaks that puts this yo-yo at a VERY high play level. Shape and weight on the chaotic is exactly what you would want from a premium metal yo-yo with a focus on extreme rim weight for stability and long spin

Info from: yoyo.fandom.com

The Chaotic is the result of a cross collaboration effort between Japan’s Turning Point and USA’s YoYoFactory. It was the 6th release in YoYoFactory’s fundaMETAL series.

YoYoFactory helped former team member and 2009 World Champion Kentaro Kimura of Japan establish his Turning Point yo-yo brand, and sent him off with Chaotic, their collaboration model. It has roughly the same dimensions as other fundaMETAL yo-yos, but has the lowest edge of the series for the most stable, spinning power.

The Chaotic is the most representative model of the fundaMETAL series of yo-yos. It has a similar H-profile to the YoYoFactory Lunatic, but has a thicker outer rim, and the body shape is slightly different as well.

Released the end of 2009 but was generally available by February, 2010.

Original retail price: $90 US.

Info from: yoyomuseum.com