iYoYo Counterweight by JK


Στρογγυλό counterweight της iYoYo για 5Α, ειδικά σχεδιασμένο για γρήγορα αλλαγή από 1Α σε 5Α και εύκολο πιάσιμο όταν παίζεις. Βάρος περίπου 11 gr.

iYoYo Counterweight by JK

iYoyo from Germany presents their innovative counterweight for freehand/5A style of yoyoing. It is called by Jakub K. from Berlin, who got the idea of new groove which makes it easier to attach counterweight to your string.

Another cool point about this counterweight is it is designed so you can easily attach or remove the weight from the string without detaching the yo-yo. This makes it easy to switch between 1A and 5A quickly.

Weights 11 grams. Because it’s plastic, there may be some variation from one unit to another.

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Blue, Green, Red, White



Η συλλογή της Γερμανικής iYoYo στην Ελλάδα. Η iYoYo είναι δημιουργία του 5x Ευρωπαίου πρωταθλητή Dave Geigle. iYoYo is the brand of European Champion Dave Geigle - aiming to "create yo-yos with top-notch quality at reasonable, fair and afforable prices. We want to see iYoYo in the hands of as many people as we can, not just in those of the wealthiest." No matter if you are a collector or competitor, old-school vintage yo-yo fan or new school, professional or beginner: iYoYo is your yo-yo - or as we Germans say: Dein YoYo.