BaliYo Black


Γράφεις, παίζεις, διασκεδάζεις παντού. Για παιδιά άνω των 12 ετών.

The Spyderco BaliYo is a new and interesting toy for children and adults. There are countless tricks to be practiced and in the USA even competitions with the BaliYo are carried out.

The pen features blue ink and the arms are slightly angular with stainless pivots, rings and clips that compliment the sleek black body. All of the refined symmetry and weight ratios allow for great spins, flips and twirls.

This pen will give you a lot of fun at meetings, lectures or lessons and you can let your creativity run free and give your skills a new glow.

    • The body is flanked by two custom-formulated polymer handles that each rotates 180-degrees on low friction stainless steel pivots
    • PRECISION BALANCED – The BaliYo’s handles are brass-weighted which can be flipped, swung, twirled, and spun in a variety of patterns, transforming this everyday writing tool into a fascinating game of skill.